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Trump-linked Carroll Gardens brownstone has no takers at $4.75M

February 16, 2022 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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An auction was held for former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s Carroll Gardens residence at 377 Union St. Wednesday, but there were no takers — at least not at the price the bank was asking.

Federal Savings Bank was asking $4.75 million for the townhouse, which Manafort forfeited to the federal government as part of a plea deal in 2018. Manafort was convicted on fraud and conspiracy charges, and the feds alleged that he was laundering money through several New York properties he owned, including the Brooklyn brownstone. 

However, Manafort was one of those who got a last-minute pardon from outgoing President Donald Trump, according to the Real Deal.

Last  year, however, the bank sued Manafort, claiming he owed $8.3 million on the mortgages. Manafort and the bank then reached an agreement, which put the house up for a foreclosure sale, the Real Deal said.

At the auction, which took place in front of Brooklyn Federal Court, about 12 people, most of them men, showed some interest. But the most anyone would bid was $3 million. Retired Judge Ira Warshawsky served as referee.

A sparse crowd gathered outside Brooklyn Federal Court for the auction of Trump-linked town house 377 Union St. Eagle photo by Mary Frost

“It’s a nice place,” Warshawsky said. “It’s the kind of place that, when I was going to law school, I’d pass and say, `That’s a nice place.’

“The bank knows that it wants to get out of it,” he said when someone mentioned the high price. “I’m not part of that. I’m just running the auction, guys.”

Since there were no bids, the ownership now goes back to the bank, and those who are interested in buying the house can contact the bank directly.

377 Union St. in Carroll Gardens, once owned by former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. Photo by Brooklyn Eagle staff

Manafort bought the town house in 2012, and was in the process of renovating it when the scandal broke, according to a report in the Eagle in 2017. His ownership of the town house was uncovered and made public by Katia Kelly of the “Pardon Me for Asking” neighborhood blog, which advertises itself as “news from Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, and beyond.”

Neighbors say they hope someone buys the house soon. Reportedly, the house is not currently occupied, and some are afraid that squatters will occupy it.

On Halloween 2017, the house made headlines again after someone wrote “Fascist” in front of it, and at least one pumpkin was smashed on the property. 

At the time of conviction, some observers dubbed 377 Union St. as “the house that brought down a president,” but in retrospect, they were at least a few years too early.

A peek into the interior of 377 Union St., as seen through a window. Photo by Brooklyn Eagle staff

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