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Our world in photos: January 27

January 27, 2022 Michaela Keil
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RUSSIA — Leningrad Siege remembrance: An officer shook snow off of honor guard soldiers in snowfall at the Piskaryovskoye Cemetery where most of the Leningrad Siege victims were buried during World War II, during a memorial ceremony marking the 78th anniversary of the battle that lifted the Siege of Leningrad, in St.Petersburg, on Thursday. The Nazi German and Finnish siege and blockade of Leningrad, now known as St. Petersburg, was broken on Jan. 18, 1943, but finally lifted on Jan. 27, 1944. More than 1 million people died mainly from starvation during the 900-day siege.
Photo: Dmitri Lovetsky/AP


SPAIN — Early start: People sat outside a restaurant early in the morning in Barcelona, on Thursday.
Photo: Emilio Morenatti/AP


VENEZUELA — Macaw: A wild macaw ate peanuts on the edge of an apartment balcony in Caracas, on Thursday. Macaws regularly land on the balconies and window sills for food placed for them by residents.
Photo: Matias Delacroix/AP


MEXICO — Border crossing: A migrant exercised at a park as he waited for his chance to cross the US-Mexico border in Tijuana, on Wednesday.
Photo: Marco Ugarte/AP


FLORIDA — Challenger: Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., who is campaigning to challenge Republican Marco Rubio for his U.S. Senate seat in November, spoke to members of the Cuban-American community at a campaign event at Finka Table & Tap, on Wednesday, in Miami.
Photo: Rebecca Blackwell/AP


TURKEY — Snow clearing: A shop seller cleared the snow in a street market in Istanbul, on Thursday. Turkey’s largest city, and road and air traffic returned to normal, but snow still covered large swathes of the metropolis of 16 million people.
Photo: Francisco Seco/AP


BRAZIL — Homeless: Homeless couple Eduardo Pedro da Costa, 24, and Aparecida da Costa, 38, posed for a photo outside the tent where they live on the sidewalk in downtown Sao Paulo, late on Wednesday. The homeless population in Sao Paulo increased 30% during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new census showed.
Photo: Andre Penner/AP


CAMEROON — Penalty shootout: Ivory Coast’s supporters reacted at the end of the penalty shootout, during the African Cup of Nations 2022 round of 16 soccer match between Ivory Coast and Egypt at the Japoma Stadium in Douala, on Wednesday. Egypt beat Ivory Coast 5-4 on penalties.
Photo: Themba Hadebe/AP

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