Fontbonne JV begins a promising season

December 23, 2021 Jim Dolan
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Since Fontbonne’s 2017 Brooklyn-Queens JV basketball championship season, Coach Bob Atanasio has developed strong contenders to finish in the top spot of their division.  After finishing the 2018 and 2019 seasons again in first place, the Bonnies lost consecutively in the finals to former rival Monsignor McClancy of Queens, a team that would eventually move up to the next division.

With the absence of a playoff season in 2020 and the cancellation of the 2021 season due to COVID-19, this year’s JV is fielding a fresh squad of 15 new players. So far the new squad has made a good start with a 3-1 record to begin the season with an all-sophomore starting lineup that is finally getting a chance to play after sitting out their freshman season.

Profiling his starting five, Atanasio said, “Leeann Ryan at the three guard is a force to be reckoned with. She has a nose for the ball and is always at the right spot. She has a good outside shot and goes strong to the basket. At this point she is the team’s leading scorer.”

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Playing at the shooting guard position is Lauren Brenna, who is the team’s second leading scorer, leading the team in 3-point shots. “Lauren just pin balls around the court until she gets open and then drains a three,” said Atanasio. “If she’s not open for a shot, she handles the ball until she can dish it off to a teammate.”

Alex Somerville is the team’s point guard. She is cool under pressure to set up the offense, and also sets up a strong perimeter on defense. “She’s a good shooter and is not shy to charge the open lane to the basket,” the coach said.

Sharlotte Greene is one of one of the team’s forwards and plays a strong defensive corner at the baseline. “She has great anticipation to the ball and thus far leads the team in steals,” said Atanasio.

At the second forward position is Val Caggiano, who is making a difference under the basket. As the team’s “Big,” Caggiano is leading in offensive rebounds, vital to the team’s second chance scoring opportunities.

“The girls are good this season, but with more practice and games they’re going to get much better,” Atanasio said. “The team still has a lot of catching up to do after being off for a year.”

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