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December 4, 2021 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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Yet another Brooklynite in top office? NY Attorney General race heats up

Brooklyn is home to the Mayor, Senate Majority Leader, and nearly all top seats in NY. Many, including NY Attorney General Tish James, are vying for Governor, and now there’s a power vacuum for NYS AG, and Brooklyn native Maria Vullo threw her hat in the ring today via a press release. Vullo, the former head of the state’s powerful Financial Services Department, joins a field of 3 Dems and 2 GOP contenders, among many rumored aspirants.

PUSHING ‘WOKE’ TO THE LIMITS — OVERHEARD at a bar in Williamsburg: “They named the first viral variant Delta …to be fair, they should name all the next ones after other airlines.” RESPONDENT NEARBY: “Yeah, considering the anti-vaxers in Red states, they should name the next one ‘Southwest.’ADJACENT SMARTY MOUTH: “… and when variant hits kids in school they can call it Virgin.

SCOTUS looks inclined to undermine Roe V. Wade, and Brooklyn fights back.

Earlier in the spotlight, the US Supreme Court heard the monumental Mississippi abortion ban arguments that could undermine Roe v. Wade. And the initial outlook is not good for pro-choicers, AP says.

News for those who live, work and play in Brooklyn and beyond

It’s become a heated political battleground. Dem Brooklynites rallied last night at Kings County Court, including the RBG Dem Club, AM Jo Anne Simon, and Sen. Chuck Schumer even virtually called in from D.C. Brooklyn’s newest, Downtown-based Dem Club is named for the Great Ruth Bader Ginsburg, with her family’s approval.

Are Dems using it to recalibrate their battle?

The SCOTUS decision is expected to come just a few months ahead of the midterms, and could shape the 2022 election, Politico reports. Both sides will likely battle for votes; understanding that the right to an abortion will play a significant role in their victories.

The GOP is reportedly already spending hundreds of millions on lobbying to enact new bans and sending an army of canvassers to stymie any political backlash. Dems, of course, are strategizing on how to help and win the approval from the millions of women who might not be able to access abortions.

New Hat Tossed Into Ring (Was It A Gift from Cuomo?)

While nearly everyone has gone to great lengths to distance themselves from disgraced Andrew Cuomo (and his brother Chris, who was just suspended “indefinitely” from CNN for helping Andrew), but Long Island Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-3rd District), who announced his run for Governor Wednesday, went the polar opposite, saying Cuomo “did accomplish a tremendous amount,” although admitting Cuomo has “faults” and “problems” (that’s an understatement).

And now that he has a ‘SCANDAL,’ maybe Chris should go into politics.

It was also more of a jab (excuse the pun) at Hochul’s COVID strategy. Suozzi pointed towards the double-digit positivity rates on Hochul’s home district of Western NY. Many also speculate the Cuomo praise is an appeal to moderate voters, many of whom lean more right than the other contenders and support a return. It’s a bold play, to say the least, but it does separate him from a crowded field.

On the other hand, newly minted Health Commissioner Mary Bassett pledged Thursday pledged to work hand-in-hand with Hochul, saying the time for fragmentation is “over.”

NYC’s ‘Most Powerful Beurocrat’ Might Return: Heard in the Rumor Mill

There are rumors swirling that Ramón Martinez, whom the Village Voice called “the legislative body’s brain and enforcer” as Chief of Staff to Council Speakers Melissa Mark-Viverito and Corey Johnson, might return to the spot under the new Speaker (where the murky race is underway).

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