Police Beat: Burglar nabs jewelry in Bay Ridge apartment, man attacks deli employee in Gravesend

November 29, 2021 Jaime DeJesus
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68th Precinct

The 68th Precinct serves Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Fort Hamilton.


A burglar stole $2,500 worth of property, including a laptop and jewelry, from an apartment on Fifth and Ovington avenues Nov. 17. Cops said the tenant was at work when he got a notification on his phone from the apartment’s motion camera and called 911. The crook likely broke in from the fire escape.


A crook stole $2,700 worth of jewelry from a 60-year-old woman on Colonial Road and 74th Street Nov. 20. Cops said the woman noticed the jewelry was missing when she came home.


A man stole $140 worth of property, including a paper shredder and a ceiling light, from a home on Fourth Avenue and 68th Street Nov. 19. The suspect is dark-skinned and was wearing sneakers, blue jeans and a black hoodie.


A 44-year-old woman was nearly scammed out of $700 by a man who told her he kidnapped her daughter Nov. 17. Cops said the impostor called the woman at 10 p.m. and demanded money via Western Union. After she withdrew the money from her bank, she called her daughter, who told her she was fine.

62nd Precinct

The 62nd Precinct serves Bensonhurst, Bath Beach and Gravesend.


Two men in their 30s attacked a 21-year-old man in a gas station market on 16th and New Utrecht avenues at 12:30 a.m. on Nov. 18. Cops said the attackers punched the man in the face and threw beer cans at his head, leaving him with a concussion and a broken tooth.


A man stole food and attacked a worker in a deli on Avenue S and West Sixth Street Nov. 17. Cops said the crook, who is in his mid-20s, entered the store at 9:18 p.m., stole $13 worth of doughnuts, punched the worker and fled north on Avenue S. 


A 32-year-old man was attacked and robbed on Bay Parkway and 71st Street Nov. 14. Cops said he was leaving a pizzeria at 7:30 p.m. when someone pushed him to the ground, punched him in the face and stole $8,940 and his phone.


Two men robbed a cell phone store on 18th Avenue and 70th Street Nov. 19. Cops said the men broke in through the front door with a key, used a code to turn off the alarm and made off with $21,000 worth of electronics.

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