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NYC Fitness Studio launches “Emerging from Lockdown” free wellness sessions designed to help come back to a healthier lifestyle after pandemic

July 1, 2021 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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Lockdown has been a challenge, and the months of isolation have led many to develop bad habits and to fall into a cycle of inactivity, depression, weight gain and loss of sleep.

Now, as we begin to emerge from lockdown, Robert Troch of the Brooklyn-based Younger Than Last Year fitness studio, has launched a series of free video sessions airing on Facebook and other social media channels, sharing tips, engaging in some exercise and setting the stage for a healthier 2021. More information on the free sessions can be found here.

The sessions from Troch, which are posted every Thursday (7 p.m. Eastern time) on the Younger Than Last Year Facebook page, are built around Troch’s seven foundations for a healthier lifestyle, which include: Mobility/Flexibility, Breathing, Fuel/Nutrition, Strength, Rest/Recovery, Passion and Mindset. Troch, who has taught fitness, flexibility, yoga and also with the New York Road Runners, focuses on easy-to-engage tactics and a fun presentation style in these sessions, which have drawn followers from a variety of age groups and fitness levels. To learn more about Younger Than Last Year, and to sign up for a free one-on-one session, go to:

“Lockdown has been a real challenge, but there are things you can do to get back to a healthier lifestyle, and to feel better, with more energy and ready to emerge from lockdown,” Troch said of the free sessions. “We want to help people get out of some of the bad habits that have taken root, and move forward with common sense tips and exercise plans that will help everyone. Plus, we make sure to have fun, as that’s a big part of sticking with it.”

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  1. Aria Allen

    Hello! Thank you for sharing such useful information! I think now we just need it, because so many people are in constant stress because of this pandemic, and maybe this is a really good chance to cope with it. I already forgot the last time I was in the gym, or played sports. And this greatly influenced my figure and well-being. Now I need to get myself back in good shape, and thanks to NYC Fitness Studio launches, this is even easier to do.