Eric Adams releases plan to turn NYC into wind power hub

April 8, 2021 Editorial Staff
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Brooklyn Borough President and New York City mayoral candidate Eric Adams released his plan on Wednesday to turn New York City into the wind power hub of the Northeast, calling the emerging industry “a tailwind for our new economy”.

Adams’ plan includes leveraging waterfront assets like the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal, the Red Hook Container Terminal, the Staten Island waterfront, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and others to take advantage of new federal funding announced last week so that New York can design, construct and ship the components necessary to build wind farms in the region. And Adams specifically called for approval of the proposed Arthur Kill wind power facility in Staten Island.

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“New York City has always been a hub for innovation, new ideas, and progressive thinking. There is no reason New York City shouldn’t be a leader in wind power. We have the resources and we can foster the talent–we just have not had the leadership to get it done,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. “With forwarding thinking and smart planning, the wind power industry can be a tailwind for our new economy as we emerge stronger from COVID-19. And, most importantly, since we are building this new industry from scratch in New York, we can ensure that the good union jobs and prosperity that come from it go to the lower-income communities and communities of color that are struggling the most.”

Adams would also commit to upfront capital investments to prepare our ports and harbors for the new industry. New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maryland have committed to buying 30,000 megawatts of offshore electricity over the next 14 years. This would be enough electricity to power 20 million homes and create tens of thousands of new jobs.

Adams also detailed his plan to create a wind power industry jobs pipeline in New York City from City schools through our colleges and City-sponsored job-training programs to get New Yorkers connected to waiting jobs in local businesses. Adams would include Career and Technical Education high schools and CUNY schools like Kingsborough CC in his plan in order to guarantee the industry hires locally as it grows.

In addition to the increase in new, good-paying, long-term green jobs, Adams’ wind power plan will also help New York and the region achieve its renewable energy goals and do its part to stop climate change.

In January, the first step of Adams’ plan — the wind turbine plant in the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal — was announced after years of advocacy by Borough President Adams. Adams today proposed adding an additional manufacturing site at Arthur Kill in Staten Island, as well as job sites in the Navy Yard and at the Red Hook Container Terminal. He also proposed creating a state-of-the-art wind power jobs training center in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and acknowledged the work of UPROSE and other community leaders there for their years of work pushing plans for green jobs and a working port for local residents to work at.

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