Artists present work along Third Avenue

March 25, 2021 Jaime DeJesus
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The Bay Ridge Arts & Cultural Alliance hosted its first annual Art Walk & Talk March 13.

Three artists talked about the work they did for the Embrace Winter event and led a tour of their murals and window paintings along Third Avenue.

BRACA founder Victoria Hofmo has organized Embrace Winter for nine years. The event brings neighborhood artists and businesses together.

Guitar-builder Pat Sullivan showed off some of his collection, which he makes out of cigar boxes and license plates. He sent one of his license-plate guitars to Bruce Springsteen.

“I picked the year he was born and got a New Jersey license plate,” he said. “Now it’s in his permanent collection. In his documentary, I saw it in the background.”

Audrey Frank Anastasi does her paintings on mylar. 

“I do a lot of imaginary trees,” she said. “One of the interesting things about my work is that quite a few years ago I started working with my non-dominant left hand because I felt it got me a little closer to a soulful character and not overthinking or becoming too much of a perfectionist.”

Whitney Hamilton with her painting “Unknown.”

Whitney Hamilton’s “Unknown” shows a black boy with his back turned.

“After George Floyd was murdered, I was really bothered by it and I thought I wanted to do a painting that encapsulates the injustice and inequality that is still going on,” she said. “That’s why the boy’s back is to us. It could be any young man walking down the street.”

The tour also showcased photographs by James McCormack.

Photography by James McCormack.
A collection of art by local kids.
Victoria Hofmo, left, with featured artists.

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