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Opinions & Observations: We cannot support solar projects without fighting against fracked gas

March 3, 2021 By Kaylyn Riddell
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I read with great interest the February 26, 2021 article “Public school rooftop array project to add to Brooklyn’s vibrant solar sector” and was glad to see this initiative considering the abysmal impact pollution from gas power plants have on communities.

Kaylyn Riddell

Let’s build momentum towards clean energy. The proposed rooftop solar project is a positive initiative for Brooklyn, allowing a shift from the reliance on polluting fracked gas. Mentioned in the article was Governor Cuomo’s goal for 70 percent renewable energy by 2030.

At the same time, there is a fracked gas power plant proposed by Astoria Generating Company, to be built in Brooklyn on the Gowanus Bay. How will adding this power plant contribute to this goal of a shift to renewable energy? Allowing this fracked gas power plant to be built fundamentally contradicts the efforts to support the school-based solar energy installation. Investing in polluting power plants harms communities by worsening air quality – leading to conditions like asthma and heart disease. These children that will be learning about the benefits of solar energy directly, would also be breathing polluted air.

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New York Communities for Change and other like-minded organizations are fighting to stop the Gowanus Fracked Gas Project in Brooklyn, NY for the health of the community and to support projects like the public school rooftop. The student education that will happen in these classrooms should also focus on how new fossil fuel power plants will contribute to the climate change crisis for years to come.

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