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Opinions & Observations: National Grid’s plan to bring more fracked gas to NYC

March 3, 2021 By Alexandra Deis-Lauby
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The message bears repeating over and over: The climate crisis is here, it is affecting all of us, and New York City does not need more fossil fuel infrastructure. We need renewable and sustainable alternatives that make our future safer. But we’re still fighting battle after individual battle. This time, it’s against National Grid’s plan to add more natural gas facilities in Brooklyn, particularly in Greenpoint.

New Yorkers won the fight to stop the Williams NESE fracked gas pipeline in May 2020. Instead of listening to their customers and providing plans for renewable alternatives, the utility is instead trying to get more fracked gas into the city by way of several smaller plans involving expansions of current infrastructure.

National Grid has repeatedly tried to fudge the numbers, choosing to use outdated data that artificially inflate gas “demand.” We do not need more gas. National Grid has even said they can meet the new demand for heating, hot water, and cooking without increasing demand by using energy efficiency, demand response, and heat pumps.

We need the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to reject National Grid’s permit application for numerous reasons: air quality, safety, and lack of need. The DEC will hold a virtual public hearing on March 10 on this; many climate and environmental justice advocates plan to testify against these plans.

It is imperative for us to fight each battle against utilities trying to add fossil fuel infrastructure. The city and state must meet or exceed energy targets set by the 2019 law, the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. We have fewer than 10 years to reach the goal of becoming 70 percent carbon-free by 2030 and fewer than 20 years to reach 100 percent clean and renewable energy by 2040.

I plan to live in NYC and on this planet, for decades to come, and it would be nice if it were habitable. Where do National Grid execs plan on living?


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  1. Most ridiculous thing I’ve read!!! Natural gas is actually clean!!!!! Also if you do your research National Grid is in the process of doing renewable natural gas. Also natural gas is way more cheaper then if you were to make everything electric. Fracking is what hurts the environment. Not the Natural Gas. And the demand is actually increasing with big buildings going up every year.

    • Linnie Harris

      So True! I would rather live with natural gas then with the heating of a boiler like they do in New York. At least the only time the heat would go off is if they didn’t pay the gas bill. Indiana Girl