Police Beat: Bay Ridge pharmacy burglarized, another deliveryman robbed at knifepoint in Bensohurst

February 5, 2021 Jaime DeJesus
Police Beat: Bay Ridge pharmacy burglarized, another deliveryman robbed at knifepoint in Bensohurst
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68th Precinct

The 68th Precinct serves Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Fort Hamilton.


An 80-year-old woman’s bag was stolen while she was shopping in a supermarket on Third Avenue and 91st Street Jan. 30. According to reports, the woman was shopping at around 4:30 p.m. when she realized that someone had taken the bag, which contained $500. Security found the bag but the cash and credit cards were missing.


Three men broke into a pharmacy on Fourth Avenue and 88th Street and stole $80,000 worth of pharmaceutical drugs Jan. 29. Reports say the crooks broke the front glass door and stole the drugs at around 9:45 a.m. Surveillance cameras showed the perps fleeing the scene in a white Infiniti with window tint and damage to the front passenger side bumper. They fled south on Fourth Avenue.


A crook broke into a business on 74th Street between Ridge Boulevard and Third Avenue and stole more than $1,000 worth of tools Jan. 29. According to reports, at around 8:20 a.m., the victim parked near the area and saw that a vehicle owned by the business had been ransacked.


A thief broken in a home on Ridge Boulevard and 92nd Street and tole $9,300 worth of jewelry Jan. 25. Reports say the 24-year-old victim discovered the burglary when she returned home from work.

62nd Precinct

The 62nd Precinct serves Bensonhurst, Bath Beach and Gravesend.


A 21-year-old deliveryman was robbed of his bike at knifepoint on 17th Avenue and 72nd Street Jan. 30. According to reports, at around 10:55 p.m., the crook placed an order and robbed the deliveryman in front of the location’s driveway. He fled with the bike on West Third Street and made a left on Ave. P. He was dressed in all black.


A  man in his 40s stabbed a 31-year-old man on 17th Avenue and 77th Street shortly after midnight on Jan. 26. The victim was rushed to Maimonides Medical Center with cuts on his left forearm. The attacker fled before police arrived.


A garage on 16th Avenue and 78th Street was burglarized Jan. 27. According to reports, at around 12 p.m., a crook broke in through a door and stole items worth $1,750, including golf clubs, a patio set and a grill. When the victim went to the garage, she saw that the lock and hinges were hanging off the door.


A 46-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly attacking a 70-year-old woman inside a store on Shore Parkway Jan. 30. Reports claim that at around 12 p.m., the suspect pushed the woman’s head, injuring her left eye. The victim was taken to Coney Island Hospital.

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