Brooklyn republicans post- Trump: Views on new directions & candidates

February 1, 2021 Editorial Staff
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By Brooklyn Eagle Staff

BROOKLYN REPORTER: Republicans in Brooklyn met to hear Curtis Sliwa, and we know that all the boroughs in New York City except Staten Island are bastions of Democratic voter turnout. Can you tell us what Sliwa said, and re-capture for fellow Brooklynites who could not attend the feelings among Republicans? Are Brooklyn Republicans angry ?

CAPANO: Sliwa spoke about the need to not give up on Republicans in NYC, and specifically taking back the Mayoralty. We had 20 years of effective leadership from Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg, including making New Yorkers feel safe on their streets and subway. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Sliwa spoke about his early campaigning for a little known Republican from Peekskill, George Pataki, who was running for Governor against Mario Cuomo. No one gave him a shot but we know what happened.

Similarly today, many are saying the same thing about a Republican becoming Mayor. We need a Mayor who will let cops be cops, restore the anti-crime unit, and do more with less in these tough financial times due to the pandemic. Sliwa also spoke about his early support of Republican Vito Bruno last year against state Senator Andrew Gounardes. Very few gave Bruno a chance, but on election night he was way ahead but lost due to absentee ballots.

It is important that Republican choose the right candidate to take back City Hall against an emboldened Democratic Party.  One of the Republicans that the Brooklyn GOP is considering endorsing for Mayor is Fernando Mateo, who raised $18,600 in  illegal “straw donations” for Mayor de Blasio. This would be a grave mistake for NYC Republicans.  

BROOKLYN REPORTER: Considering the passion and dedication that Trump stirs in opponents, as well as supporters, do Brooklyn Republicans se opportunities for a. more moderate, conservative leader in their future ?

CAPANO: Instead of giving up, we must join together as NYC Republicans to build a true center-right coalition with Urban Republicans, Independents,and Reagan Democrats that can field strong candidates to run against the radical left, and refuse to capitulate.

BROOKLYN REPORTER:  It has been said that everyone, whether they admit it or not, is conservative about protecting their own interests, even if they vote like a liberal to get it paid for. How would you, as a long-time observer of politics in Brooklyn, characterize the difference in party lines between Democrats, Republicans and Conservatives? Does it boil down to limitations on government spending ?

CAPANO: It is no longer mainly about government spending. It is about the radical, far-left that has taken over the Democratic Party. They are pushing a socialist agenda. The difference between Democrats and Republicans/Conservatives today is more drastic than it has ever been. They wish to make us more like Cuba and Venezuela, while we still believe in capitalism and the exceptionalism of America.

BROOKLYN REPORTER:  Are there any Brooklyn leaders in Republican or Conservative circles who attended the meeting that you think should be noted ?

CAPANO: Former Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton, 47th Assembly District Leader Phyllis Carbo, former state senate candidate Vito Bruno

BROOKLYN REPORTER: Can you reveal how many registered Republicans there are in Brooklyn right now ?

CAPANO: One of the little known facts is that going into the 2020 elections, more people registered with the Republican Party compared to the Democratic Party over the past year. According to the latest Board of Elections statistics there are 134,775 active Republicans in Brooklyn.

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