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Letter to the Editor: January 30

Most Local Restaurant Workers Are Your Neighbors: Tip Them Generously

January 30, 2021
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Dear Editor,

What a great way to say “I love you” by taking your significant other to their favorite restaurant on Valentine’s Day and also celebrate the return of limited indoor dining! In these difficult economic times as a result of COVID-19, it is especially important to patronize your neighborhood restaurants.

With limited indoor dining returning on February 14, take out and catering will continue to be the major source of income for most restaurants. When ordering take out, why not tip as if you were dining indoors? My wife and I don’t mind occasionally paying a little more to help our favorite restaurants survive. Don’t forget your cook and server. We try to tip 20 percent against the total bill including taxes. If it is an odd amount, we round up to the next dollar.

These people are our neighbors. Thousands have already had to permanently close their doors. The remaining restaurants are barely hanging on. Who knows how many more weeks or months will go by before they can increase indoor dining to 50 percent followed by another return to full 100 percent capacity?

There are over one hundred thousand NYC residents whose livelihood depends on restaurants that are still out of work. This includes bartenders, waiters, busboys, cooks, and cashiers. Wholesale food sellers, distributors, delivers, linen suppliers are also at a loss. There are also construction contractors and their employees, who renovate or build new restaurants.

Our local entrepreneurs work long hours, pay taxes and provide local employment especially to students during the summer. If we don’t patronize our local restaurants, they don’t eat either.

– Larry Penner (transportation advocate, historian, and writer)


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