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Seven Citi Bike stations coming to CB 10

January 27, 2021 Jaime DeJesus
Seven Citi Bike stations coming to CB 10
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Representatives from the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) gave a presentation Tuesday regarding seven Citi Bike docking stations that will be installed in Community Board 10.

The planned locations are:

  • East roadbed of Seventh Avenue, south of 62nd Street
  • North roadbed of Fifth Avenue, north of 67th Street and west of Erik Place
  • East sidewalk of Fifth Avenue, north of 67th Street
  • East sidewalk of Fourth Avenue, north of 67th Street
  • West sidewalk of Third Avenue, north of Wakeman Place
  • North roadbed of Wakeman Place, east of Ridge Boulevard
  • South roadbed of 65th Street, east of Second Avenue

The stations will have an average of 22 docks.

Lisa Morasco, senior planner at DOT, said Citi Bike’s phase three expansion includes Community Boards 7 and 10, and the installations will begin in February.

CB 10 member Stephen Harrison believes the new plan caters more to the CB 7 area.

“While I really like Citi Bike, how do we know that it’s going to work well in Community Board 10 if it’s not really in Community Board 10?”

Morasco responded that DOT is eager to expand in all parts of the city but its resources are limited.

“We knew that we wanted to get down to as much of south Brooklyn as possible, but right now we really set a foundation for the next phase of Citi Bike expansion,” she said, referencing phase four. “We hope to get through this next phase three expansion and then, of course, Bay Ridge. The remaining parts of Bay Ridge would make a lot of sense to come to next.”

Another CB 10 member asked how the station at Wakeman Place and Third Avenue will impact pedestrian traffic, bus traffic and street cleaning.

“When we do site stations on the sidewalk, we make sure they are 15 feet or greater in width to make sure there is enough pedestrian clearance,” Morasco said. “In terms of the one on Wakeman, we always have specific distances from subway and bus stops so we don’t place a station in a bus stop footprint.”

Jaynemarie Capetanakis, chairperson of CB 10’s Traffic and Transportation Committee, said a station should be placed at the American Veterans Memorial Pier on Bay Ridge Avenue because of the ferry.

Morasco said DOT and the Economic Development Corporation are discussing that.

“We are working towards putting a station close to the ferry so, hopefully, when we release an updated plan, that station will be revealed, but it’s still in the coordination process,” she said.

Phase 3 will be completed by 2024.

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