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Law ends driver’s license suspensions over unpaid fines

January 5, 2021 Associated Press
People attempting to obtain a New York State driver’s license under false pretenses will have a harder time fooling the Department of Motor Vehicles following a recent upgrade of facial recognition software. Photo courtesy of the NYS DMV
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New York drivers who can’t afford to pay the entirety of a traffic fine will be able to do so via installments and will no longer face the risk of their licenses being suspended for that debt, thanks to legislation signed by the governor.

The Driver’s License Suspension Reform Act ends the practice of suspending the licenses of people who haven’t been able to pay their fines in full, and will allow people who currently have suspended licenses because of traffic debt to get them back.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the legislation into law last week.

State Sen. Tim Kennedy of Buffalo, who sponsored the legislation with Assemblymember Pamela Hunter of Syracuse, said in a statement that it was “a huge win that decriminalizes poverty and will give hope and opportunity to drivers across New York state.”

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