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MILESTONES: December 23 birthdays for Mallory Hagan, Susan Lucci, Dave Murray

December 23, 2020 Brooklyn Eagle History

NOTABLE PEOPLE BORN ON THIS DAY include “This is Spinal Tap” star Harry Shearer, who was born in 1943; “All My Children” star Susan Lucci, who was born in 1946; Pro Football Hall of Famer Jack Ham, who was born in 1948; original Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips, who was born in 1951; political analyst Bill Kristol, who was born in 1952; Iron Maiden guitarist Dave Murray, who was born in 1956; singer-songwriter Victoria Williams, who was born in 1958; former NFL head coach Jim Harbaugh, who was born in 1963; Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), who was born in 1964; former baseball catcher Victor Martinez, who was born in 1978; actress and model Estella Warren, who was born in 1978; Miss Brooklyn 2010 and Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan, who was born in 1988; and “Stranger Things” star Finn Wolfhard, who was born in 2002.


THE MONEY TREE: The Federal Reserve system was created on this day in 1913. Established pursuant to authority contained in the Federal Reserve Act, the system serves as the nation’s central bank, with the responsibility for execution of monetary policy. It is called on to contribute to the strength and vitality of the U.S. economy, in part by influencing the lending and investing activities of commercial banks and the cost and availability of money and credit.

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CURRENT EVENT: The transistor was introduced on this day in 1947. John Bardeen, Walter Brattain and William Shockley of Bell Laboratories shared the 1956 Nobel Prize for their invention, which led to a revolution in communications and electronics. It was smaller, lighter, more durable and more reliable and generated less heat than the vacuum tube, which had been used up to that time.


Special thanks to “Chase’s Calendar of Events” and Brooklyn Public Library.




“Among the many objects to which a wise and free people find it necessary to direct their attention, that of providing for their safety seems to be the first.”

— first Chief Justice of the U.S. John Jay, who was born on this day in 1745

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