Brooklyn Heights

Heights Association helps save Halloween hampered by COVID, pre-election jitters

Slide show tells the whole story

November 4, 2020 Editorial Staff
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A long-standing tradition in Brooklyn Heights, the annual Halloween party at Pierrepont Playground, was amended in format this year to create a parade — safely distanced — along the Promenade.

Fully costumed — and masked, as well, this year — Heights children marched from Clark Street to Remsen Circle.

There, they were given treats in a time-honored tradition that, in less tumultuous days, allowed them to roam the brownstone-stooped streets looking for high-fructose handouts.

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Indeed, well-heeled Brooklyn Heights, with its colorful and smartly-decorated historic stoops, has been described as a popular “target” for roaming bands of treat-seekers on Halloween.

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