Cafe raises $2,000 to help beloved restaurant

October 8, 2020 Jaime DeJesus
Cafe raises $2,000 to help beloved restaurant
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Talk about service with a smile.

The Brooklyn Brew Cafe, 310 79th St., donated its proceeds from Oct. 2-3 to help the struggling Schnitzel Haus, giving $2,000 to the restaurant’s GoFundMe page.

“The Brooklyn Brew Cafe family would love to thank all of our Bay Ridge neighbors for the strong turnout this weekend,” said Marina Madden, co-owner of the cafe. “We would like to encourage others to help their neighbors and be the change they want to see.”

Alfred Urban, the owner of Schnitzel Haus, was deeply touched by the gesture.

“The friendship and love that they have shown us is truly indescribable because it comes from the heart,” Urban said. “The generosity of the community is overwhelming.

“When Marina and her husband Brian first came to us with the idea, we said no, as every business is suffering in 2020. They insisted and set things in motion. We are grateful and humbled by what Marina and our community has done for us.”

After the Maddens had drinks with Urban earlier this year, they came up with the idea of giving a weekend of their proceeds to the GoFundMe page.

“Originally, we were just going to give them whatever we made for the weekend,” said Marina,

“but then I thought, ‘Why don’t we tell the neighborhood about it and hopefully they help out and we can raise more money that way rather than doing it during a regular weekend?’”

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