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Brooklyn author to lead virtual discussion of historical account of Lincoln vs. Eagle

Mitchell joined Wednesday by Green-Wood historian Jeff Richman

October 6, 2020 Editorial Staff
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Brooklyn-based author Elizabeth Mitchell will on Wednesday evening participate in a virtual discussion with Green-Wood historian Jeff Richman about her new book, “Lincoln’s Lie: A True Civil War Caper Through Fake News, Wall Street, and the White House.”

The discussion, which takes place on Zoom, will focus on Mitchell’s research for the book, as well as the many people interred at Green-Wood Cemetery who play leading roles in its story.

“Lincoln’s Lie” focuses on the intersection of politics and the press; Mitchell tells the story of Joseph Hayward, who is now interred at Green-Wood, and his scheme to manipulate the gold market by spreading “fake news.”

Brooklyn-based author Elizabeth Mitchell.

Mitchell touches on a history of misinformation that is more relevant with each passing day. At the height of the Civil War, a falsified call for the conscription of more troops sent shockwaves through New York.

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The book discusses fears of draft riots, chaos on Wall Street, and the fallout from Lincoln’s actions against the newspapers that spread the proclamation, including the Brooklyn Eagle.

The conversation is part of a series of virtual programs about the history of Green-Wood and its permanent residents, Zooming in on History.

The discussion will run from 6-7 p.m. Purchase tickets ($9/$4 for members) here.

Elizabeth Mitchell has authored nonfiction books, covering politics, sports and history, including her most recent acclaimed saga, “Liberty’s Torch: The Great Adventure to Build the Statue of Liberty.” Her novella-length work, “The Fearless Mrs. Goodwin,” was a nonfiction bestseller. Formerly the executive editor of George, the nation’s largest political magazine, she has worked as an investigative reporter and features writer.

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