Fire that destroyed two homes is ruled accidental

September 16, 2020 Jaime DeJesus
Fire that destroyed two homes is ruled accidental
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The five-alarm fire that injured 12 firefighters and destroyed two houses in Dyker Heights Saturday has been ruled accidental and is believed to have been caused by an electrical issue.

The FDNY will continue its investigation to find out the specific cause.

It took 200 firefighters to control the blaze, which destroyed the home of Firefighter Piotr Orlowski.

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Orlowski was off-duty at the time and escorted neighbors and family members to safety.

“We saw embers in the rear so we closed the windows, and I told my parents to get ready to evacuate,” said Orlowski on the FDNY’s Instagram account. “I ran to my neighbor’s house, and since I know my neighbors, I noticed everyone was outside except for the gentleman I always say ‘hi’ to. I wasn’t thinking, I guess it was just my training. I just went in there and I found him all the way in the rear. I told him that I have to get you out, that we have to go. He said he was going to walk but there was no time.

Photos courtesy of FDNY

“The door was getting charred and I could see the flames going. So I made the decision to pick him up and I took him outside. Everybody was outside safe, so I ran back to my own house. I got both my parents and my dog outside.”

Several funds have been started to assist people displaced by the fire. To find out more, visit

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