Chipotle’s arrival angers locals

September 1, 2020 Jaime DeJesus
Chipotle’s arrival angers locals
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Chipotle is coming to Sunset Park, and some locals aren’t happy about it.

According to a sign posted by the NYC Department of Buildings, the Mexican restaurant will open this winter at 4101 Fourth Ave. in a spot formerly occupied by Burger King.

Some residents argue that since the neighborhood already has a number of mom-and-pop Mexican restaurants, a Chipotle is unnecessary.

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“The community was really taken aback because there was a banner that said Burger King was closed for renovation, so we were surprised and shocked that it would be reopened as a Chipotle, especially when there are so many Mexican restaurants in the neighborhood,” said Protect Sunset Park member Antoinette Martinez. “We really feel like a corporate restaurant like Chipotle would put a strain, especially with the COVID shutdown and Sunset Park being impacted because of the economy.

“Instead of a Chipotle many feel that we should be prioritizing community land use needs, and the community definitely needs more 3K and Pre-K centers.”

“This is a time when you’re seeing a lot of big corporations like Chipotle really try to take advantage of the neighborhood,” said local resident Jorge Muniz. “I see it as a symbol of something that needs to be stopped if we really want to reopen New York for everybody. Here in Sunset Park, people have been largely left out of government help and assistance. It’s an immigrant neighborhood and working-class neighborhood.”

“This community has many needs and no one even bothered to ask how they envision the neighborhood,” said resident Denise Vivar. “Chipotle showing up out of nowhere doesn’t even fit the needs of the community.”

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