It’s a field day: Youth sports to resume Sept. 15

August 31, 2020 Jaime DeJesus
It’s a field day: Youth sports to resume Sept. 15
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Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday that the city will resume issuing permits for outdoor youth sports at its athletic fields on Sept. 15.

“Our children have been through so much this year and have been yearning for more outdoor play,” said de Blasio. “Thankfully, we’re continuing to see improvement in beating back this disease, and can safely permit youth sports this fall.”

“In a time when our mental and physical health has increased stressors, every opportunity we can provide our city’s youth with safe outdoor play is a benefit to us all,” said Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver.

Permits will be granted for baseball, softball and soccer. Indoor sports, including swimming, will not be permitted.

Leagues must enforce the following regulations:

  • Face coverings must be worn by all coaches, staff, spectators and players on the sidelines; players are encouraged to wear face coverings while playing, if possible
  • Social distancing must always be practiced by all when not active in game play
  • Spectators must be limited to two per player
  • All persons must leave the field after the game; there will be no congregating

The Parks Department will monitor league activities. if a team accumulates three violations, its permit will be revoked.

If the city’s percentage of positive COVID-19 tests exceeds three percent, permits will be suspended for all sports.

Just last week, players and their families joined coaches and elected officials at a rally on Shore Road to ask the city for permission to play.

“We applaud the administration and Parks Department for recognizing the overwhelming need for our players to have outdoor sports, as it is vital for their physical, emotional and mental health during this tremendously challenging year,” said Jesse DeLorenzo, president of Brooklyn City FC.

“We appreciate all of their hard work that lets us play ball again,” said Tommy Henderson, 68th Precinct Youth Council baseball commissioner.

“My boys have been so looking forward to getting back to organized sports and their teammates,” said Dyker Heights resident Tracy Serrano. “With all the uncertainty in so many other areas of their lives, their hours spent on the field with coaches and teammates gives them a sense of pride, accomplishment and community.”

NYC Parks will begin issuing permits for youth sports on Sept. 15.

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