Diocese of Brooklyn submits options for reopening schools

August 19, 2020 Jaime DeJesus
Diocese of Brooklyn submits options for reopening schools
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The Diocese of Brooklyn (DOB) submitted its 2020-2021 reopening plans for its 66 Catholic academies and parish schools to the New York State Department of Education Tuesday.

The plans submitted by each school/academy to New York State presented one of the following options:

Plan A – 100 percent In-person model with the following requirements:

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• Social distancing in the classrooms and throughout the school building

• Mandatory face coverings while in school with mask breaks

• Hand and respiratory hygiene guidance and enforcement

• Signage throughout buildings about hygiene, illness, mask and distance requirement

• Daily health screening of all who enter building per NYS guidelines, including temperature checks

• Procedures in place if positive COVID case detected

• Testing and tracing policies in place per Department of Health guidelines

Plan B – Hybrid model with the following requirements:

• Same requirements noted above for in-school instruction

• Hybrid model could be 3/2 – three days in school and two days of remote learning from home. Hybrid models vary by school

• Remote learning with a combination of synchronous and asynchronous instruction sessions led by teachers of the students’ Catholic academy or parish school

Plan C – 100 percent distance learning – Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic Program

A new Diocesan-wide distance learning program created with a faculty focused exclusively on the development of an academically rigorous, Christ-centered remote learning program. This is an additional option to ensure instructional equity for those who choose 100 percent remote learning.

“Our principals, teachers, boards and administrators have been hard at work to ensure all the health and safety protocols will be met at all our Catholic academies and parish schools,” said Thomas Chadzutko, superintendent of schools. “We are prepared and excited for a full reopening in September. This may be slightly different school by school given the building footprint and student population. Some schools will need to use a hybrid model if they cannot meet the social distancing standards.”

According to the DOB, of the plans submitted, a majority of the 66 schools and academies aim to open for instruction under Plan A, with the flexibility to adopt Plan B or Plan C quickly if COVID-19 cases arise.

Enhanced cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing protocols will be in place at all school buildings.

Parents are expected to be a part of meetings this week via Zoom regarding the plans.

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