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AG James calls Trump’s defunding of U.S. Postal Service an ‘authoritarian power grab’

August 18, 2020 Rob Abruzzese
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While 170,000 Americans have now died due to COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control, the president and members of Congress have made the U.S. Postal Service a political issue that could threaten the general election in November.

New York State Attorney General Letitia James isn’t happy with President Donald Trump’s remarks and threatened to do everything she could with her legal authority to ensure voting rights in New York.

“President Trump’s actions to interfere with the operations of the U.S. Postal Service in advance of the presidential election is deeply disturbing,” James said in a statement. “It is an attempt at an authoritarian power grab in an effort to hold on to power, plain and simple.

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“I, along with numerous other state attorneys general from around the nation, are now swiftly examining every legal option to protect the postal service and Americans’ right to vote absentee,” she continued. “While the president works to disenfranchise voters, we will fight to protect our democracy and ensure every eligible voter has the opportunity to cast a ballot come November.”

In New York, voters were automatically mailed absentee ballots for the primary election in June and were allowed to vote by mail if they were concerned about COVID-19. Many of those ballots were thrown out or not counted due to technicalities, and those same protections were not extended by Gov. Andrew Cuomo for the November general election.

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  1. NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Letitia James and her criminal cohort, Gov. Andrew “IL DUCE” Cuomo need to deflect that fact that they murdered over 10,000 people during the pandemic with ordering COVID-19 infected patients to be placed with targeted victims in senior assisted living residences, nursing homes, and veterans homes in NY State. These 2 criminal murderous conspirators need to use the USPS issue involving mail-in ballots to attack President Trump. This is naked aggression by the 2 murderers running NY State government. James and Cuomo need to be removed from office immediately for their criminal acts.