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Lentol’s police reform law requires courts to publish racial data, weapons reports

June 16, 2020 Editorial Staff
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Assemblymember Joseph Lentol on Monday announced that the Police Statistic and Transparency (STAT) Act has been signed into law.

The Act will require courts to compile and publish aggregate racial and other demographic information concerning arrests and court processing of lower-level offenses, including misdemeanors and violations.

The bill also requires police departments to submit annual reports on arrest-related deaths to the Division of Criminal Justice Services, the Governor and the Legislature.

“The goal of good government is to promote transparency and accountability. I am especially proud to have been the prime sponsor of the STAT Act, and that after five long years of trying to move it forward, it is finally signed into law,” said Assemblymember Lentol. “The STAT Act will help to restore public trust in law enforcement by providing the public with the transparency they deserve, and allow the Legislature to make informed, evidence-based decisions regarding future policy decisions. It allows us to see problem policing trends early so we can correct them quickly.”

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