Colton, other leaders join Club A-Elita for virtual concert at Regina Pacis Housing

June 11, 2020 Jaime DeJesus
Colton, other leaders join Club A-Elita for virtual concert at Regina Pacis Housing
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Dancing during trying times.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Assemblymember William Colton (Gravesend-Bensonhurst-Bath Beach-Dyker Heights), joined nonprofit organization Club A-Elita and its president Leonora Bulychova, 47th AD District Leader Nancy Tong and 45th AD District Leader Ari Kagan to host a social distancing virtual concert at Regina Pacis Housing, 2424 Cropsey Ave.

The concert, held on June 5,  was conducted on the outdoor terrace of the housing center as the seniors danced.

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“I want to thank Club A-Elita for putting this together because this senior housing has lost 6 of its residents, including the past president Willie Gil, and everyone has been very down after being cooped up in their apartments for some three months and this talented entertainment boosted everyone’s morale,” Colton said. “It was great seeing our seniors clapping and dancing to the beautiful music.”

“Today is a beautiful day indeed,” wrote Dilyora Rahimova. “Club A-Elita performed for seniors in my building. We also had our favorite guests, Mr. William Colton and Mr. Ari Kagan. I want to thank everyone for great musical performances, lifting our spirits  and lots of fun. We danced, we laughed but didn’t hug.”

“Was very glad to represent Councilmember Mark Treyger at the virtual concert hosted by A-Elita Club in Bensonhurst for seniors,” wrote Kagan via Facebook. “Everybody was happy to hear great music, beautiful songs and enjoyed other performances – following all social distancing rules. A-Elita Club previously hosted similar concerts in front of several Bensonhurst rehabilitation centers. Assemblyman Bill Colton and District Leader Nancy Tong joined this event and wished all attendees to stay safe and healthy.

“I greeted Maya Gil whose husband Vilen Gil, a wonderful community leader, recently passed away. Maya thanked A-Elita club and all guests for keeping the memory of her husband alive.

Special Thanks to Dilyora Rahimova, manager of that building on Cropsey Avenue, for welcoming us to this uplifting event.”

“We need  to conduct more performances like this to keep everyone enjoying  life and inspire each other now even more through such difficult times,” Colton added.

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