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Brooklyn District Attorney to charge Officer Vincent D’Andraia for shoving protester

No charges announced for supervisor who stood by watching attack

June 9, 2020 Rob Abruzzese
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District Attorney Eric Gonzalez announced charges on Tuesday for a member of the NYPD who shoved a woman in an unprovoked attack that was caught on video and went viral over Twitter and social media during a protest that took place in Brooklyn on Friday, May 29.

Officer Vincent D’Andraia was charged with assault, criminal mischief, harassment and menacing for allegedly shoving the demonstrator to the ground during a protest against police violence that took place outside of Barclays Center.

Multiple videos from various angles appeared to show a man later identified as D’Andraia warning the protester to back up, and as the protester was complying with his orders, he smacked her cellphone out of her hand and shoved her to the pavement. Videos then showed D’Andraia and an officer wearing a white uniform appearing to walk away without checking to see if the woman was injured.

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“I fully support the long-held American tradition of nonviolent protest,” Gonzalez said. “As District Attorney, I cannot tolerate the use of excessive force against anyone exercising this Constitutionally guaranteed right. This is especially true of those who are sworn to protect us and uphold the law. I am deeply troubled by this unnecessary assault. We will now seek to hold this defendant accountable.”

A screenshot from Twitter by user @TheTawniest of officer Vincent D’Andraia improperly wearing a face mask. Screenshot via Twitter/TheTawniest

In one video the officer could be heard screaming, “stupid f—king bitch,” as he shoved the woman to the ground.

D’Andraia was identified by the District Attorney’s Office, who said he’s a 28-year-old cop who works in the 73rd Precinct in Brownsville. He was scheduled to be arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal court on Tuesday.

Following the incident, a woman who identified herself as 20-year-old Dounya Zayer said she was the protester shoved in the video. In a video she recorded from the hospital, Zayer reported that she suffered a seizure and a concussion.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea had previously announced that D’Andraia was suspended without pay. Deputy Inspector Craig Edelman, the 73rd Precinct’s commanding officer, was reassigned.

D’Andraia was charged with third-degree assault, fourth-degree criminal mischief, second-degree harassment and third-degree menacing. He could face up to one year in prison if convicted on the top charge.

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  1. Big Dan

    If the NYPD were allowed to fire him, then the DA wouldn’t have to prosecute. The reason that they have to criminally charge these idiot cops is that firing them is impossible. You’d think it would be “goodbye, go find another job, we just want to be rid of you” but t doesn’t work that way.
    Being able to fire bad cops would actually benefit the rank and file. If a cop gets fired, he can always try his luck in another career. But if he has a felony conviction, it will follow him/her for life.