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Gounardes organizing Cheer For Senior Year event in honor of graduating students

June 8, 2020 Jaime DeJesus
Gounardes organizing Cheer For Senior Year event in honor of graduating students
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On Monday, June 8, State Senator Senator Gounardes announced that he is spearheading community cheer by  celebrating graduating seniors in south Brooklyn.

In a video that features signs of schools outside students’ homes along with graduates, Gounardes announced a southern Brooklyn-wide cheer to honor graduating seniors of all ages in the area with a massive community-wide cheer on Friday, June 12 at 6 p.m.  The hashtag #CheerForSeniorYear is encouraged to be used throughout the process.

Inspired by the daily 7 p.m cheer locals partook in to honor essential and healthcare workers during COVID-19, #CheerForSeniorYear, will have locals cheering from their homes to students graduating during the difficult times when traditional graduation ceremonies are still unable to take place.

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“Our graduating seniors from pre-k to college have already made us so proud,” Gounardes explained in the video. “As they go out into the world, I know they’re only going to make us prouder. On June 12, at 6 p.m. we are going to do a big community wide graduation cheer. Make some noise for southern Brooklyn’s graduating seniors. Clap, whistle, play music, honk your horn, get some balloons, take pictures of your grad, have a slice of cake or raise a glass to celebrate their accomplishments. Open your windows and doors and make some noise. Post it online with the hashtag #cheerforsenioryear. Spread the word and let’s make this graduating class together, apart.”

Window signs designs that locals can print out to post their pride for the neighborhood to see are also available.

He explained to this paper why it was an important initiative for him to create.

“He told this paper, “Our neighborhoods are so proud of our young people. I thought it was important to do something extra to celebrate their remarkable achievements as they go on to the next stage in life, and continue to shape our City, State and nation for the better.”

He added, “So many students and their families have been looking forward to their graduation ceremonies for months to celebrate their academic achievements. While these ceremonies have been canceled or modified or changed due to the pandemic, we will still celebrate our seniors and make some noise from our homes.”

To view the video and print out a sign, visit

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