Bay Ridge holds peaceful Floyd protest for second straight night

June 2, 2020 Jaime DeJesus
Bay Ridge holds peaceful Floyd protest for second straight night
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People gathered in Bay Ridge on Monday for a second night of peaceful protest against the death of George Floyd.

The protest, which again took place outside a department store on 86th Street between Fourth and Fifth Avenues, was significantly larger than the first, with about 200-300 people taking part. No injuries or acts of violence were reported.

The protesters took a knee outside the store, chanting, “Black lives matter” and “This is for George.” Many of them also held up signs bearing the same message.

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Locals discussed the rallies.

“I am rarely on here, but just want to pop on to say the #bayridge & #statenisland NYC protests have been  beautiful and powerful,” said one Twitter user. “I condemn violence against all of God’s beautiful children, and pray for justice.”

“Nice job Bay Ridge,” a Facebook user also wrote on a Bay Ridge group. “Gold star march. Peaceful and poignant.”

ebrooklyn media/Photo by Loudlabs NYC

Elected officials also told this paper about the protest.

“Bay Ridge once more set a powerful example for our country, just as peaceful protests across the city are doing the same,” U.S. Rep Max Rose told this paper. “We cannot let the violent actions of a few take away from the message and movement for justice.”

“Bay Ridge set an example for the nation with the peaceful marches that took place over the past two nights in support of justice for George Floyd and in protest of changes they want to see in our country,” Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis also told this paper. “By contrast, it is heartbreaking to see the destruction that took place in other parts of our city … the riots, the arson of police vehicles, the vandalism of church property, the destruction and looting of small businesses owned by innocent hardworking people. The Bay Ridge protesters chose peaceful and respectful actions over mayhem and chaos and, as a result, sent a louder, stronger and more effective message.”

ebrooklyn media/Photo by Loudlabs NYC

“I’m proud of the peaceful protests that have taken place in Bay Ridge the last few nights – particularly the dozens and dozens of diverse young people who have set an example for what a united, constructive, and peaceful protest looks like,” Councilmember Justin Brannan added. “I also give credit to the 68th Precinct who knows how to give protesters space and respect, and keep things peaceful for everyone involved. It is a very anxious time in our city and country, so I take some solace when I see young people and families from our community marching to show they are committed to making our city a more just and equitable place. We are lucky to be living in a district which is so politically engaged, compassionate, and respectful to one another.”

State Senator Andrew Gounardes, who was at the smaller rally on Sunday, took to Facebook to commend the protesters.

“A few hundred residents turned out for a peaceful protest for racial justice and accountability tonight in Bay Ridge,” he wrote. “I am proud of our communities for exercising our right to speak out against racial injustice and in favor of equal rights for black Americans.”

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