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Our world in photos: May 8

May 8, 2020 Noah Singer
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SRI LANKA — Steady climb: A Buddhist monk climbed steps past statues at a deserted temple on Buddha Jayanthi, a day that celebrates the birth of the Buddha, in Colombo on Thursday. Photo: Eranga Jayawardena/AP


FRANCE — Careful analysis: A military biological protection gear technician analyzed protective masks at a lab in Vert Le Petit on Wednesday, as France continued its nationwide confinement measures. Photo: Francois Mori/AP


BRITAIN — Stunning sight: The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team flew over Buckingham Palace in London on Friday to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe. Photo: Frank Augstein/AP


KENYA — Watching over: Residents in an apartment block watched as police and protesters clashed in Nairobi on Friday. Hundreds of protesters blocked a major highway to protest government demolitions of the homes of more than 7,000 impoverished people. Photo: Brian Inganga/AP


PERU — Quick nap: A worker rested in a wheelbarrow at El Angel Cemetery before the start of daily burials in Lima on Thursday. Photo: Martin Mejia/AP

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