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New York State Court System and Bar Association will host a virtual Law Day on Friday

April 30, 2020 Rob Abruzzese
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With courthouses and bar associations largely closed across the entire state, the New York State Unified Court System, the NYS Bar Association, and the State’s Attorney General’s Office will host a virtual Law Day celebration, an annual observance by the legal community to recognize the importance of the law in society.

The speakers will include Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, Attorney General Letitia James and NYSBA President Hank Greenberg.

“While Law Day ceremonies have been canceled around the country, Attorney General Letitia James and State Bar President Hank Greenberg agreed, without any hesitation, to join me in hosting a virtual Law Day, in order to send our clear and unwavering message that our justice system remains strong and resilient, that we are working together to ensure access to justice is a reality, that we are supporting and upholding the rule of law and that we stand as one against the disruption of the moment,” Chief Judge DiFiore said in her weekly address to the court system on Monday.

“You are all invited to attend,” Chief Judge DiFiore added.

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The event will begin with Regan Williams, senior court clerk of the Manhattan Criminal Court, leading everyone in the pledge of allegiance followed by court officer Sgt. Jessica Hernandez, from the Bronx County Supreme Court, Criminal Term and president of the Latino Court Officers Society, singing the national anthem.

Sgt. Hernandez will broadcast from the steps of the Manhattan Supreme Court on Centre Street.

The event will give the court system the opportunity to recognize notable contributions from its employees over the past year and will honor some of its judges, court clerks, court officers, IT staff and other employees during the virtual ceremony.

A link will be provided on the website on Friday morning.

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