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BK Scenes: Pre-COVID 19 on Smith Street, rain sometimes makes social distancing happen

April 28, 2020 Bill Kotsatos
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Bill Kotsatos is a seasoned, award-winning photojournalist and documentary photographer who’s covered stories on conflicts, disasters, unrest and LGBTQ+ and human rights issues in Pakistan, Thailand, Lebanon, El Salvador, Rwanda and elsewhere. When he is back home in Brooklyn, he often shoots photos for the Brooklyn Eagle.

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  1. Mom jackie

    1. Hats off to Mayor Bill for “doin the job” when informing orthodox community of rules/new health policies in-place to keep ALL residents Safe, Sound, and In Control. NO 1 IS EXEMPT!!
    2. TOO many dead bodies, not enough services to assist with disposal in Brooklyn. Dispicable!
    Unsanitary! Dangerous to living beings! and
    Unprofessional!! Let’s END this viral mess New York by DOING our best, Apply right principles.
    3. Before COVID 19 we lived our lives by rules, regulations, applying Faith day by day. Pictures only remind us of routine behaviors we engaged in without a thought to disease or harm to others. We hope to return to a better lifestyle, mindful of communication & respectful interaction with each other.