DUMBO’s most popular ‘selfie’ spot is historic, and quiet during COVID-19

April 15, 2020 Editorial Staff
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Among the things curtailed — at least for a while — by COVID-19 are the incessant selfies taken on DUMBO’s Washington Street, framing up the dramatic tower of the Manhattan Bridge.

Helpful DUMBO readers sent us a recent photo of the street, sans tourist traffic. Then, thanks to reader Martha LaBare, we received the grand prize: an old photo, circa turn of the last century, showing a Manhattan Bridge tower from the same perspective. And clearly, no tourist traffic.

A similar view of the Manhattan Bridge, circa 1900. Photo courtesy of Martha LaBare

Among the Eagle’s most popular recent features is an article about the Washington Street location, which during good weather finds a constant stream of DUMBO visitors taking selfies with Manhattan Bridge in the background.

See another view of the famous perspective from our photo essay on last year’s DUMBO drop, in which thousands of tiny blue elephants floated down to Washington street.

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