Community Board 2 encourages locals to fill out their Census

April 2, 2020 Editorial Staff
Community Board 2 encourages locals to fill out their Census
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Census Day has come and gone.

Community Board 2 (CB 2) is encouraging locals to complete their Census and provided early data.

Community Board 2

“The self-response rate for most of Community District 2 is 30 to 40 percent, better than most of New York City but still lower than much of America,” CB 2 said in a statement. “One census tract in the North Heights is above 40 percent.”

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They added that most of the New York suburbs have a response rate above 40 percent.

“They didn't get an easier census; it's the same 10 questions, the same 10 minutes,” they stated. “Residents there simply decided to respond. You should too! This year, the census is easier than ever. You can complete the census online or over the phone in just a few minutes.

Here are the different numbers to call in each language.

— English – 844-330-2020

— Spanish – 844-468-2020

— Chinese (Mandarin) – 844-391-2020

— Chinese (Cantonese) – 844-398-2020

— Vietnamese – 844-461-2020

— Korean – 844-392-2020

— Russian – 844-417-2020

— Arabic – 844-416-2020

— Tagalog – 844-478-2020

— Polish – 844-479-2020

— French – 844-494-2020

— Haitian Creole – 844-477-2020

— Portuguese – 844-474-2020

— Japanese – 844-460-2020

— Telephone Display Device (TDD) – 844-467-2020

“The more of us who fill out the census, the more money we get for schools, housing, roads, bridges, hospitals, senior centers, and more,” CB 2 said. “It does not ask about your immigration or citizenship status, your job, your Social Security or ITIN number."

Responses are private, protected by federal law. To fill out online, click here.

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