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City map breaks down positive coronavirus tests by ZIP code

April 1, 2020 Mary Frost
This map released Monday by the NYC Department of Health gives a breakdown of the percentage of positive coronavirus cases by ZIP code. Map: NYC DOH
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The New York City Department of Health has released a map showing the percentage of tests for the novel coronavirus that came back positive in each ZIP code across the city as of March 31.

In Brooklyn, the neighborhoods with the highest percentage of patients testing positive include Williamsburg, Bushwick, Borough Park, Bensonhurst, Crown Heights, East Flatbush, Canarsie, East New York, New Lots and Ocean Hill. In these neighborhoods, from 58 to 77 percent of those tested were positive for COVID-19.

This doesn’t mean that 58 to 77 percent of people living in these neighborhoods have the disease, since the city is, in general, only testing  people whose condition is so serious they require hospitalization.

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The Brooklyn neighborhoods with the lowest percentage of tests conducted that came back positive include Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO, Downtown Brooklyn, Park Slope, Greenpoint, parts of Coney Island and Seagate. In these neighborhoods, 25 to 44 percent of people tested were positive for coronavirus.

Since the city hasn’t released a breakdown of how many are are hospitalized by ZIP code, it’s hard to know what percentage of the population in each neighborhood has the disease.

The map also lacks data on the total number of tests given in each neighborhood.

In general, the neighborhoods with the highest percentages of positive tests tend to have fewer resources than those with the lowest percentage of positives. A 2008 NYC DOH study on the city’s risk from influenza pandemics found that low-income populations may be more vulnerable to pandemics than other groups because they are more likely to experience crowded living conditions and workplaces, and to depend upon public transportation. They are also subject to disparities in underlying conditions and in treatment once the condition has developed.


Brooklyn ZIP code key:
ZIP codes with the highest percentage of COVID-19 positives:
11211 – Williamsburg; 11237 – Bushwick; 11219 – Borough Park; 11230 – Bensonhurst; 11225 and 11213 – Crown Heights; 11203 – East Flatbush; 11236 – Canarsie; 11239 – East New York; 11233 – Ocean Hill; 11208 – East New York/New Lots.

ZIP codes with the lowest percentage of COVID-19 positives:
11201 – Brooklyn Heights / Downtown; 11215 – Park Slope; 11224 – Seagate, parts of Coney Island.

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