FreshDirect, Adams and other beeps lanch Operation 5-Borough Drive

March 25, 2020 Jaime DeJesus
FreshDirect, Adams and other beeps lanch Operation 5-Borough Drive
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BOROUGHWIDE — Online fresh food grocer FreshDirect has partnered with Borough Presidents from each borough, including Eric Adams to launch Operation 5-Borough Drive.

The new food initiative that launched on Tuesday, March 24 will lend a helping hand for families in need. It will provide weekly deliveries consisting of thousands of boxes of groceries.

Photo courtesy of Fresh Direct

“In times of great need like the one we’re currently facing, finding creative ways to forge public-private partnerships that advance a common goal is of paramount importance,” said Adams. “Corporate citizenship is one way we can confront this unprecedented public health crisis. I’m proud to support this effort to distribute meals to people throughout the city.”

In Brooklyn, the packages are slated to arrive by FreshDirect vehicles to locations designated by Adams and his office. One drop off location will receive deliveries Monday and Tuesday, with the second Wednesday through Friday.

Each box,is being provided free of charge by FreshDirect and will contain:

· Rice, 2 bags, 16oz

· Pasta, 2 boxes, 16oz

· Canned beans, 2 cans, 10-16oz

· Canned Meat/Fish, 2 cans, 3 to 5 oz

· Canned Vegetable, 2 cans, 8 to 15 oz

· Raisins / Dry Fruit, 4 boxes, 2 oz per box

· Cereal/Oatmeal, 1 Box, 10 to 20 oz

· Milk / Milk Substitute, 1 container, 32 oz

· Corn, 2 ears

· 2 Potatoes

· 1 Onion

· 1 Carrot

· Orange / Apple, 2 in total

In addition, Nestlé Waters is also joining the initiative and is donating 80,000 gallons of Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water. Boar’s Head will also be donating 25,000 Pepperoni Pouches to the grocery boxes.

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