Fontbonne sends another Bonnie to West Point

March 17, 2020 Jim Dolan
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DYKER HEIGHTS — When asked how it was to finally hear from the United States Military Academy on her appointment to West Point, an elated Isabella Chirico stated, “I’m so happy and I really feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.”  Ever since visiting West Point to attend a football game and to visit the campus in the eighth grade, Chirico made up her mind to make admission to the Academy her academic goal.

The Dyker Heights resident stated that she was ecstatic when she saw West Point’s “Big White Envelope” being delivered knowing what was inside. According to Chirico, attending West Point and subsequent service in the Army is a way to “pay it forward” for what the military has done for the nation. “The more I found out about West Point, the more it clicked with me,” said Chirico who was attracted to the school’s attention to detail and organization, and the bond between cadets.  

“I have so many people to thank, especially former Fontbonne graduate Danielle Hess who was Fontbonne’s first student to go to West Point,” said Chirico.  “She’s been advising me since my sophomore year and told me what to expect, and also not to give up.  She gave me great advice on what courses to take, helped me with my resume and told me about the expectations of the Academy.”  Besides Hess, Chirico also emphasized, “I couldn’t have made it without the support of school, family and friends.”

As a four-year member of the student council and the current Senior Class President, Chirico rounds out her school resume as an Honor Roll student and a member of both the Varsity basketball and softball teams.  In addition to academics and sports, Chirico serves as one of the organizers of Fontbonne’s “Students for Soldiers” that through the Buddies Beyond Battle program solicits personal supplies and home goods for the military abroad.

Offering insight to one of the school’s top seniors, Principal Mary Ann Spicijaric stated, “Isabella has been the epitome of leadership at Fontbonne.  She is a young woman that has embraced the Mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph, and by that, I mean she leads through service to others and treats everyone with dignity and respect.  I cannot think of another student that is more deserving of admission to a service academy.  I am very proud of her and grateful to her for what she has done for our school community.”

For Chirico, the next decade will be mapped out for her as she completes four years at the Academy, five years on active duty as a second lieutenant and three years in the reserve.  At this point Chirico is interested in perusing a pre-med course of studies with the goal of becoming a combat trauma surgeon.  Besides medicine, the outstanding senior is also open to studying military strategy, as well as a possible career in the Army Air Corps.

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