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MILESTONES: February 24, birthdays for Bonnie Somerville, Dominic Chianese, Eddie Murray

February 24, 2020 Brooklyn Eagle History
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NOTABLE PEOPLE BORN ON THIS DAY include actor and singer Dominic Chianese, who was born in 1931; singer and actress Joanie Sommers, who was born in 1941; former U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman, who was born in 1942; former Yahoo! Incorporated Chairperson Terry Semel, who was born in Brooklyn in 1943; actor Barry Bostwick, who was born in 1945; musician George Thorogood, who was born in 1950; actress Debra Jo Rupp, who was born in 1951; Baseball Hall of Famer Eddie Murray, who was born in 1956; journalist Paula Zahn, who was born in 1956; actress Beth Broderick, who was born in 1959; actress Bonnie Somerville, who was born in Brooklyn in 1974; and ice dancer Madison Hubbell, who was born in 1991. 


A TRYING TIME: Impeachment proceedings against President Andrew Johnson were initiated on this day in 1868. The primary motive was Johnson’s dismissal of Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, which the House of Representatives declared a violation of the 1867 Tenure of Office Act. Johnson was acquitted of the charges in May 1868 and the Tenure of Office Act was repealed in 1887.

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JOBS CREATOR: Steve Jobs was born on this day in 1955. He co-founded Apple Inc. with Steve Wozniak in 1976. Eight years later they released the Macintosh, which solidified the Apple brand. Jobs also helped to revolutionize communications with the iPod, iPhone and iPad. He was 39th on the Forbes Richest People in America list when he died of cancer in 2011.


“The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.”

— Henny Youngman, who died on this day in 1998

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