Not getting your mail in Greenpoint or Williamsburg? Here’s why

January 7, 2020 Scott Enman
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A recent audit revealed that post offices in Greenpoint and Williamsburg are plagued with substantial issues, including mail not being delivered on time — if at all — and to incorrect addresses.

In addition to untimely deliveries, the inquiry also revealed deeper problems. The branches, located in Brooklyn zip codes 11211, 11222 and 11249, failed to secure valuable items and the buildings had inadequate safety measures in place.

The examination, performed by the U.S. Postal Service inspector general after numerous complaints, as well as a concerted effort between state and federal legislators, was conducted from August to December. It revealed undelivered and delayed mail, improper scanning of packages, improper security of valuable items and a lack of safety, maintenance and security standards within the buildings.

Assemblymember Joseph Lentol, who helped coordinate the audit, said the inspection was the first step toward returning accountability, trust and confidence to the area.

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“The effectiveness of our mail system should not be in doubt,” he said. “Residents of North Brooklyn rely on the United States Postal Service to deliver mail in a timely and efficient manner … [the] report highlights the need to improve the management at all levels overseeing local postal branches and within the branches themselves. Established protocols must be followed, and periodic reviews must be ongoing.”

The investigation revealed that undelivered and delayed mail was a consequence of inefficient oversight and postal clerks not being used properly. It also discovered that there was an unsecured vault key at a Williamsburg post office, and there were unsecured cash drawers, money orders and sheets of stamps at the Greenpoint location.

The Greenpoint post office also had leaking sewage and mold, broken windows and pest infestations.

The inspector general issued a series of recommendations to address the concerns, including an action plan to ensure all mail is delivered properly and in a timely manner, periodic reviews of delivery operations and full repairs to the buildings.

“It is unacceptable that North Brooklyn residents have been unable to send and receive their mail promptly and securely,” said U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney, who represents the area. “Sub-par postal service has resulted in financial, professional and personal hardship for many of my constituents, and it is imperative that chronic mail delivery issues are addressed.”

Leadership at the post offices agreed with the findings and recommendations in the report. The inspector general will perform follow-up inspections to verify that all of the issues have been addressed.

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  1. I live in 11236…I’ve been here over 30 years. The mail delivery has declined over the years from mediocre to awful. Misdelivered packages, no mail for days on end. Try calling the local branch and no one answers the phone EVER. Problem is not isolated to a few zip codes. It is systemic.

  2. Check out the 11378 Maspeth Post office while you’re at it. I can’t tell you how often my mail gets delivered elsewhere or I get someone else’s mail or the number of packages that they have lost. It’s not just Brooklyn.

  3. 100% agree with the comments. Mail is missing, damaged and undelivered in Kensington, Windsor Terrace and Sunset Pk as well. I just got a card from JULY 2019. Thanks, USPS. (I’m actually surprised it showed up at all.) I appreciate the audit, but not hopeful that things will change here.

  4. prescientsoothsayer

    Please be advised the issue is not limited to North Brooklyn. We have similar problems in southern Brooklyn Zip Codes as well. The Branches and Deliveries lack supervision and efficiency. Mail repeatedly gets delivered to the wrong address and when it does get delivered it is always between 4 PM and 6 PM at my location. Carrier Route delivery schedules should be rotated so that the Carrier doesn’t always start at the same location on his/her Route but alternates between starting at that location and starting at the other end of his/her Route. Alternating starting locations would mean all customers are treated equally and get mail at least some of the time in the morning instead of the same late afternoon time everyday.

  5. Not just just those zip codes have those concerning issues but 11206 is plagued with the same inadequate service. Within 2 weeks I have not received 2 orders. One of them I placed a claim on my packaged an investigation was placed and about a week later I received an emailed stating that my packaged Can not be found and for me to call the merchant so they can place a claim. This week on January 8 I was suppose to receive another package and on the day it was suppose to be delivered January 8 I get a messsge staying it’s delayed and I still have not received the package nor an update. To work at the post office one had to take a exam and now it’s not require basically anyone can apply and get hired. At my post office at Debevoise no one there had no presentation nor professionalism.

  6. Kristi Randall

    What ever! There have been hundreds of complaints for decades. They have put in new management, said they were trying to fix it before. They have known about this problem for years. Are they really going to fix it now? Every resident deserves a cash payment for all the packages and mail we’ve lost over the years.