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Sunset Park company wants to change how the fashion industry recycles

November 12, 2019 Millie Dent, Liz Gravier and Marc Stewart
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From a small warehouse space in the Brooklyn Army Terminal, the New York-based company Fabscrap is hoping to change the way the fashion industry recycles.

Fabscrap collects, sorts and recycles unwanted garments from designers and other fashion-related industries. With a small staff and an arsenal of volunteers, the company recycles about 12,000 pounds of fabric and other related material per month in an effort to prevent additional landfill waste.

“We are trying to address the problem of textile waste,” said Sabina Montinar, operations coordinator at Fabscrap. “Textile waste is one of the top three most-polluting industries, so with us providing that service for clients in New York City, we’re able to give them an outlet to recycle those unwanted products.”

Some of the fabric gets shredded and reused as carpet padding, furniture lining and more. The rest becomes available for purchase; students, artists and designers can buy the scraps either online or at one of Fabscrap’s two locations. (In addition to the warehouse in the Brooklyn Army Terminal, the company operates a storefront in Manhattan.)

“It’s a treasure hunt,” said Christina Marney, a quilter who finds scraps for her projects at Fabscrap’s Sunset Park warehouse. “I mean, I have found the craziest things going through my bags.”


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