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Photos: Barnacle Parade 2019

This year's theme imagined a future Red Hook — underwater.

October 30, 2019 Corazon Aguirre
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It may have been cloudy and misty on Tuesday, but hundreds of people gathered at the corner of Pioneer and Van Brunt Street regardless to celebrate Red Hook’s Seventh Annual Barnacle Parade.

People of all ages showed up with creative, colorful costumes that aligned with the year’s theme: “Hook-Lantis,” a Red Hook underwater. 

The Barnacle Boppers Band opened the parade at 4 p.m., followed closely by the “B-SQUIDSTY-1,” a decked-out bus with a shark behind the driver’s wheel and a gigantic squid as a passenger. 

The Barnacle Parade began the year after Superstorm Sandy hit the neighborhood. “Besides the turmoil and chaos that the storm brought to our community, we had a good time coming together, so this parade is an excuse to do that,” said Jake Lachapelle, an attendee.

The Barnacle Boppers Band. Eagle photo by Corazon Aguirre
The squid rides the underwater bus. Eagle photo by Corazon Aguirre
Arsenio Martinez and Carolina Salguero. Eagle photo by Corazon Aguirre
Paraders in the mist and the bubbles. Eagle photo by Corazon Aguirre
Willa Eno with a decked-out umbrella.
Tim and Fern Vierling walk together the parade route during the parade. Eagle photo by Corazon Aguirre

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