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Brooklyn crew on a crime spree holds up five businesses in a month

October 22, 2019 Noah Goldberg
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A group of daytime bandits is hitting Brooklyn establishments from Flatlands to Williamsburg, holding up store employees at gunpoint and making off with myriad spoils worth thousands of dollars — from jewelry to phones to two pairs of AirPods, police said.

Over a monthlong span from Sept. 19 to Oct. 19, an entourage of two to four men have broken into five different storefronts across the borough demanding money and merchandise. The armed robbers have not injured anyone during their heists.

The first reported incident took place at Clean City Laundry in Bushwick on the corner of Myrtle and Bushwick avenues. A store employee was counting cash in the back of the laundromat just after 12 p.m. when two armed men broke into the room, armed with guns, and demanded the money. The thieves took nearly $6,000 — as well as the employee’s cellphone — before leaving, authorities said.

Just days later, on Sept. 23, two armed men broke into a Bedford-Stuyvesant Metro PCS and forced three employees into a bathroom. They then stole an undetermined amount of electronics from the store, according to cops.

Above: The group robs a downtown Brooklyn jewelry store on Oct. 19. Video via NYPD

Two men — again armed with guns — then robbed a Flatlands T-Mobile store on Sept. 27, demanding that three employees and five customers get on the ground as they stole $900, nine cell phones and a couple pairs of Apple AirPods to boot, police said.

Police could not immediately confirm whether the first three incidents were pulled off by the same two men, or if it was different members fo the group.

The group pulled off their biggest heist on Oct. 5, when three of them stormed into La Casa de Oro Jewelry in Williamsburg, ushering employees and a customer into the back of the store, according to cops. They removed $4,000 in cash from the store, along with about $50,000 in jewelry, cops said.

The final incident took place on Oct. 19, when four armed men held up a jewelry store in Downtown Brooklyn just after noon. One man held an employee at gunpoint while two others stole property, cops said. Again, no one was injured.

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