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LISTEN: Reactions from the heated Industry City rezoning meeting

September 19, 2019 Brooklyn Eagle Podcast
Industry City. Photo by Paul Frangipane
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Industry City’s proposed zoning changes to Sunset Park’s waterfront would mean a $1 billion redevelopment that would increase the complex’s size from roughly 5.3 to 6.6 million square feet by 2027. This would allow them to build two hotels, academic space, and large retail stores, a move that would bring a total of 15,000 jobs to the working-class neighborhood, according to Industry City representatives.

Menchaca, however, says that there is no way he would support the current proposal. Before he was cut off at this week’s community meeting, he explained he would demand concessions be made to the plan before it reaches the upcoming public review procedure.

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“Within the Sunset Park community, it is extremely divided between those who think it is absolutely the worst thing in the world — there should be no concessions — the rezoning should just be flat-out killed … and then there are those who think it’s the best thing in the world,” Eagle reporter Scott Enman told Brooklyn This Week

“All I can say is that in the next couple of days and presumably weeks, months and all the way up to a year, it’s going to be extremely busy for the Industry City rezoning,” he added.

To hear more reactions to Monday’s meeting and the background on the issue, listen to the full episode above.

  • Interview with Scott Enman at 1:37
  • Interview with Jorge Muniz at 10:06
  • Interview with Cesar Zuniga at 13:20

Our host Lawrence Madsen is a native New Yorker. He graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in History. He is a volunteer leader with the disaster relief group Team Rubicon.

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