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LISTEN: Iconic, yet damaged: How the Coney Island Boardwalk fell into disrepair

September 12, 2019 Brooklyn Eagle Podcast
Old-fashioned street lamps rise above the Coney Island Boardwalk’s plywood cover. Eagle photo by Lore Croghan
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With its history of attracting the world to the shores of Brooklyn dating back to 1923, it only seemed fitting that the Riegelmann Boardwalk would be awarded scenic landmark designation in May 2018. But despite its new status, a technicality keeps the boardwalk’s broken areas from being fixed, while local residents, who traverse it 12 months out of the year, are tripping and falling on its boards.

“The boardwalk is just being neglected to death. … In places it’s just worn to toothpicks,” Brighton Beach resident Ida Sanoff told Brooklyn This Week.

To hear more voices from the community and whether the boardwalk is likely to be fixed anytime soon, listen to the full episode above.

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  • Interview with Lore Croghan at 1:32
  • Interview with Ida Sanoff at 7:13
  • Interview with Alexandra Silversmith at 11:24
  • Interview with Mark Treyger at 14:03

Our host Lawrence Madsen is a native New Yorker. He graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in History. He is a volunteer leader with the disaster relief group Team Rubicon.

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