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Want to work for the 2020 Census?

July 30, 2019 Jeffery Harrell
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The Census is gearing up for the massive 2020 count of every last person in New York — and they need a lot of new employees. If you want to work for the census, check out these jobs.

Apply for the following at

Enumerator/Lister ($25/hour):

Enumerators/Listeners collect household and demographic information by canvassing in assigned areas.

Census Field Supervisor ($27.50/hour):

Field Supervisors oversee the work of 10-15 enumerators.

Recruiting Assistant ($27.50):

Recruiting Assistants promote Census jobs across the city. They also locate free space with access to computers for applicants to use and hold training sessions for new hires.

Clerk ($20/hour):

Clerks perform a variety of office duties that support activities in the field.

Apply for the following at

Area Census Office Manager ($42.50/hour):

Area Census Office Managers are responsible for general supervision, administration, planning, and implementation of census operations. They will interview job candidates, evaluate employees and are responsible for hiring.

Administrative Manager ($31.50/hour):

Administrative Managers are responsible for supervising and managing payroll, supply requests and a variety of administrative activities. They also review completed work for accuracy and ensure that schedules are met.

Information Technology Manager ($31.50/hour):

Information Technology Managers lead all automation efforts. They analyze and coordinate resources and provide technical guidance for all census activities, managers and employees.

Recruiting Manager ($31.50/hour): 

Recruiting Managers are responsible for supervising and recruiting qualified applicants. They ensure staffing and hiring needs are met in all fields, and monitor the applicant pool to ensure it contains sufficient numbers of qualified applicants to fill all positions.

Lead Census Field Manager ($36.50/hour): 

Lead Census Field Managers supervise Census Field Managers, ensuring work is shared evenly, and that field work is completed in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Census Field Manager (31.50/hour): 

Census Field Managers interview candidates for Census Field Supervisor positions and office support clerks. They also provide group and individual training, monitor daily assignments, and provide guidance to staff. They are the main tech advisor in field operations and answer questions from the Area Census Office Manager and Census Field Supervisors.

Area Manager (Starting Salary around $76,000 a year):

Area Managers are responsible for Six Area Census Offices within the New York Region. Each of these ACO’s have office employees and work at home employees. A typical Area Manager is responsible for 250 employees including managers and thousands of home based employees. The ACO’s on Long Island and in Queens are examples of metro based assignments of six ACO’s where the amount of land is small but densely populated. You could also have an area that covers large amounts of land and is more rural like Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Newburgh or Peekskill.

Partnership Specialist (Starting Salary between $35,000 and $64,000 a year):

Partnership Specialists will develop partnerships with assigned geographic area with state, local and tribal governments, community-based organizations, faith-based groups, schools, media outlets, businesses and other grassroots entities in communities.

Regional Technician (Starting Salary between $35,000 and $64,000 a year):

Regional Technicians should be a “jack of all trades” and are responsible for assisting with training, recruiting, field operations and monitoring cost and progress. A regional technician in New York will answer technical questions and is to be trained for all phases of the census field and office operations, including training developed for management staff. Each regional technician will be assigned an area to monitor and analyze to identify potential recruitment sources and difficult areas for enumeration.

Contact the Census Recruiters at [email protected] or call (212) 882-7102 for more information.

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