Have you seen this pedestrian terror?

July 18, 2019 Noah Goldberg
The mustachioed, AirPods-wearing bandit was immortalized from memory by his victim. Image courtesy of Hogan Williams
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A Brooklyn cyclist allegedly knocked off his two-wheeler by an unrepentant, jay-walking pedestrian is seeking justice Old-West style — by taping up a flyer with a sketch of the ne’er-do-well to a post and hoping for the best (and also challenging him to duel via Instagram DM).

A photo of the flyer appeared on Reddit on Wednesday on the Brooklyn subreddit and quickly gained traction, with more than 200 upvotes and 19 commenters.

“You knocked me off my bike (AirPods in & walking on red). For bike repair, you owe me $70.77,” the cyclist wrote on the flyer, saying they would be willing to settle the beef on Instagram.

A justice-seeker on the streets of Brooklyn. Image courtesy of Hogan Williams
A justice-seeker on the streets of Brooklyn. Image courtesy of Hogan Williams

The drawing of the ambulant terror — who oddly resembles animated the Big Mouth character Andrew Glouberman — shows an AirPod wearing, mustachioed, four-eyed man with bushy eyebrows. The alleged knockdown took place July 2, and the flier is posted on Atlantic Avenue and Washington Avenue in Clinton Hill.

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“Guy knocked me off my bike. Banged me up and had to replace the front wheel,” the cyclist posted on Instagram. “If this is you, drop me line, guy.”

Redditers had some leads Thursday. User BulletCatOfBrooklyn responded, “That looks like my sh-tty former roommate.”

If you know who the drawing depicts, please sound off in the comments.

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