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Jumaane Williams (not the public advocate) sues man over car accident

July 17, 2019 Noah Goldberg
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Brooklynite Jumaane Williams is suing a man over a 2017 car crash that left him severely injured, according to a lawsuit filed in Brooklyn — but it’s not the city’s public advocate. It’s a different Jumaane Williams.

A spokesperson for Jumaane D. Williams — the former Flatbush City Council member and current public advocate — confirmed that the court case did not involve Williams the politician, though the team was unaware that there was another Kings County resident with the name. The man suing is named Jumaane A. Williams, not Jumaane D. Williams.

William Gerlich, a spokesperson for the public advocate, said he knew there was another Jumaane out there, but not that there was another Jumaane Williams.

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Nonetheless, on Oct. 15, 2017, Jumaane A. Williams alleges a man named Jamaal Jacques Bedeau — who does not share a name with a New York City politician — crashed his 2012 Honda into Williams’ Ford, causing severe injuries and mental anguish, at 609 Flatbush Ave., just blocks from Jumaane D. Williams old council district. Williams (the private citizen) is seeking damages in the case.

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