Actor Vincent Pastore to be celebrated at a block party on July 13

July 12, 2019 Editorial Staff
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By Gabrielle Guz

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Actor Vincent Pastore, who played Salvatore Bonpensiero in “Sopranos,” is headed back to Brooklyn on Saturday, July 13 for his birthday celebration, at an old-school block party, in Gravesend, beginning at 8 p.m.

The party is being thrown by Michele Frantzeskos’s Entertainment and Consulting Inc. and William DeMeo, a Gravesend-born actor, filmmaker and entrepreneur, who said that he and Pastore, with whom he worked in the “Sopranos” and “Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn,” are very close. 

“And he’s in my [forthcoming] TV series, ‘Gravesend.’ He’s respected by so many people in Brooklyn,” DeMeo added. “Vinny’s a very private guy, but he accepted my invitation to have his birthday at our block party, and I’m grateful for his doing that.”

The event is at 385 Ave. W. Admission is $20, with all proceeds going to Our Lady of Grace Church.

“Through the years, Brooklyn block parties were everywhere. People couldn’t wait for them in the summertime. I feel like they are thirsting to get together, and instead of it being about social media, they can be talking and hanging out,” said DeMeo. “People who moved away from Brooklyn would love to reminisce, to think about how it used to be. And for the people who do still live in Brooklyn, they’re happy to have the opportunity just to see everybody. That’s kind of all what it’s about.”

To kick off the event, other celebrities — who, said DeMeo, could include Federico Castelluccio, Joe D’Onofrio, Steve Schirripa and Paulie Malignaggi, some of whom will represent DeMeo’s clothing line, Brooklyn Brand,  and his perfume and cologne line, Wise Guy Wear & Wise Girl Wear — are expected to make appearances on a red carpet to meet and greet attendees.

As for music, dancing and food, it’s promised there will be no shortage. 

Among the confirmed sponsors are DJ Lenny Santawasso from Zazz radio; Isabella’s Creations, winner of Brooklyn’s best cake in 2018; Maria “The Ice Cream Girl” Campanella; A&S Porkstore; John’s Deli and Brooklyn’s Finest Pizzeria.

“We’re just happy that we can bring people together,” DeMeo said. “It’s a great feeling to see people you haven’t seen in years. Lots of those who moved on have come back because they want to feel like they did when they were younger. We want to remember how we grew up.”

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