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Justice Ellen Spodek installed as Brooklyn Brandeis Society president

June 8, 2019 By Rob Abruzzese
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The Brooklyn Brandeis Society installed Kings County Supreme Court Justice Ellen Spodek as its president during a ceremony at the society’s annual meeting at the Brooklyn Bar Association on Thursday.

“Ellen has really been a co-president for the past two years,” outgoing President Andrew Fallek said. “She’s one of the founders of this organization and anyone in our community knows that if you want something done, Judge Spodek is one of the people that you go to. The judge is always there to see that the mission is complete.

“I’m sure she will do a great job as president,” Fallek continued. “This is one of the few organizations where we have judges as officers and board members. It’s a unique opportunity for us to work together. It’s a great thing, it really is.”

Officers (from left): Andrew Fallek, Avery Eli Okin, Hon. Esther Morgenstern, Aimee Richter, Hon. Ellen Spodek and Hon. Katherine Levine. Not pictured is Richard Klass.

Justice Spodek was installed by Hon. Alan Scheinkman, presiding justice of the Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department. He also installed Aimee Richter as the president-elect, Avery Eli Okin and Hon. Micky Morgenstern as the vice presidents, Richard Klass as the treasurer, and Hon. Katherine Levine as the secretary.

Justice Spodek becomes the society’s third president since it was created in 2015. Justice Miriam Cyrulnik was its first and Andrew Fallek wrapped up his two-year term on Thursday. Before Fallek stepped away, though, he reflected on the past two years.

“We filed our first tax return as a 501c3 foundation, had a very successful Purim event this year that included music from Administrative Judge Larry Knipel on guitar, continued Tuesday with Talmud, expanded our membership, celebrated Hanukkah and learned how to keep potato pancakes hot,” Fallek said.

From left: Hon. John Hecht, Hon. Mark Partnow, Doron Leiby, Hon. Devin Cohen, Hon. Lawrence Knipel and Hon. Jeffrey Sunshine.

Fallek also spoke of the annual Holocaust Remembrance event held at the Supreme Court, and the art exhibit that coincided with it this year, “Lawyers without Rights,” and said that the organization owed a thanks to Justice Knipel and the Surrogate’s Court judges for their assistance.

In addition, Fallek thanked Justices Cyrulnik and Spodek for their assistance over the last two years, as well as Lucy DiSalvo, who helped to organize the society’s events.

“Nothing important happens in Brooklyn without Lucy DiSalvo,” Fallek said. “Thank you for all of the help that you gave me. I want to thank Miriam Cyrulnik, our first president who continues to provide guidance and wisdom.”

From left: Jeffrey Miller, Hon. Esther Morgenstern, Avery Eli Okin and Michael Farkas.

After Justice Scheinkman swore in the slate of officers and directors, Justice Spodek briefly addressed the crowd.

“I’m the third president of the Brooklyn Brandeis Society, but since we started it has been very collaborative,” Justice Spodek said. “We were very fortunate to have Miriam Cyrulnik lead us as president for the first two years followed by Andy. I have very big shoes to fill, but I’m going to do the best I can. I hope that when I’m here next year the list of accomplishments will be even greater.”

The society’s board members were also installed at the event. They include Hon. John Leventhal, Hon. Mark Partnow, Hon. Anne Swern, Jeffrey Miller, Steven Finkelstein, Hon. Jeffrey Cohen, Hon. Lawrence Knipel, Hon. Marsha Steinhardt, Hon. Devin Cohn, David Chidekel, Hon. Jeffrey Sunshine, Hon. John Hecht, Michael Farkas, Steve Cohn and Doron Leiby.

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