Motorcyclist injured on Belt after run-in with emergency vehicle

March 27, 2019 Jaime DeJesus
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A motorcyclist fell and was injured Sunday after he was allegedly distracted by an emergency vehicle driving past him as he exited the Belt Parkway at Fourth Avenue in Bay Ridge.

According to authorities, on March 24 at around 9:16 a.m., the 53-year-old man was on his 2013 Harley-Davidson when he heard the emergency vehicle behind him. The biker told cops he was startled as the vehicle passed him, and fell off the bike.

He was rushed to NYU Langone Hospital – Brooklyn.

A police spokesperson said the cops whose vehicle passed the biker were responding to a motor vehicle collision with critical injuries in the 68th Precinct, which encompasses Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights.

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However, another motorcyclist, who was riding with the victim, contended that the driver of the police car had been reckless.

“We were getting off the exit and the highway patrol car came up on the side of us,” he said. “He put on his lights and started beeping the horn, but he didn’t wait for us to move over and cut right in between us, like he’s going on some kind of emergency, and when one of the bikes went downward he just kept on going.”

The fellow biker said that, after the accident, he followed the police car.

“I saw 10 police cars there already and there was no emergency,” he added. “There’s no reason to have his lights on or driving like a maniac on Sunday when people and children are going to church. Who knows what he might have hit.”

The second biker claimed the other motorcyclist had injuries to his arms and collar bone.

Additional reporting by Adam Balhetchet

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